Sova Rani Nursing College, Kolkata, India

Sova Rani Nursing College, Kolkata, India
Courses: B.Sc

The Shova Rani Nursing College is in Kolkata, India, in the state of West Bengal. Founded in 2003, SRNC is a private institution. Indian Nursing Council (INC), a government agency, grants accreditation to the school. West Bengal Nursing is one of the streams offered by Shova Rani Nursing College. Well known degrees presented at Shova Rani Nursing School incorporate BSc. Shova Rani Nursing College not only has a solid teaching method, but it is also a pioneer in research and new ideas. In addition to academics, Shova Rani Nursing College places a strong emphasis on extracurricular activities, national and international collaborations, and infrastructure. At Shova Rani Nursing College, you can work in a variety of fields, including entrepreneurship and the public sector.

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